Buddy Program

The project is based on the principles of volunteer work and intercultural exchange, with the objective of helping the newcomers Erasmus students and International Students that will study a full cycle in Aveiro.

Who are the Buddies?

Buddies are students from the University that agree to welcome International students and help them get settled. You can count on your buddy to help you finding a room, help you through your VISA, if needed, and mostly, to be your first friend in Aveiro.

What's in it for the Buddy?

The main reward is the contact itself between Buddies and International students. Being a Buddy is often the best way to feel the "Erasmus spirit" back home.

What's in it for the Foreign students?

All International students benefit primarily from all the help they get settling in. The first few weeks are known to be the hardest for any foreign student, facing a different country, language, new habits. On the other hand, having a Buddy may be of some help in terms of making friends in the local student community. Remember that theBuddy is just a volunteer, so don’t treat him/her like your subordinate, you should treat your buddy with respect. It would be polite from you to invite your buddy for some ESN activities later on.


The matching process happens in the first days of August for the first semester and the first days of January for the second semester. Every erasmus and international student must register in Papaya matching system to be enrolled in this program! If you have any issue or doubts about how it works, please contact us at vicepresident@esnaveiro.org




What to expect from your buddy?

  • To be a secure source of information before your arrival (and after!);
  • Take you to the International Office (University), ESN Office, CLAIM, UA_i;
  • Give you the Erasmus Welcome Kit;
  • Help you to finding accommodation;
  • Leading you in a tour through the city;
  • Helping you when you need to take medical assistance or to open a bank account;
  • Be your friend.


It is also important to remind you that we have a Facebook group (link in the Welcome email) where you can make all the questions and have a quick answer, as well as notifications about the future events from ESN or happening in the city.
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