Temporary accommodation

Because we cannot book private sector accommodation on behalf of students, it is advisable to make a booking at a guesthouse in town for the first few days of your stay (around 20€ per night for a single room is a reasonable price by Aveiro standards). Here in Aveiro we have a lot of hostels and hotels that you can find near the city center and with really attractive prices.
We advise you to check our partners to find some discounts.



First of all, remember that you can ask us for a Buddy (portuguese volunteer) to help you in this task. You can easily find rooms announcements online, in websites such as CustoJusto, OLX, BQuarto and Idealista, but also in groups on Facebook such as Apartamentos e casas em Aveiro and Casas e Apartamentos em Aveiro.
Estate agencies in Aveiro do not specialise in student accommodation although many companies do deal with customers from the student sector. If you decide to contact an estate agency (in Portuguese; "agência imobiliária") you will be given the opportunity to view a range of student housing available in the city and if you choose to rent a flat through an agency you will sign a tenancy agreement. Please read your tenancy agreement very carefully and make sure you understand the details fully (ask the staff of the International Office of the University to help you understand the wording).
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A limited number of rooms (25) are available at the halls of residence for exchange students. These are are reserved for students in the following circumstances: 1) students from Universities with specific bilateral accommodation agreements with UA; 2) students with physical disabilities. If you would like to live at the student halls of residence but do not find yourself in the circumstances described here, you may register for the waiting list. Note however that the waiting list is only open during orientation days at the Erasmus Student Network reception desk.
University halls of residence (on Campus). Single. 180,00€ (w/ bills)/ month / person
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