Aveiro's Hospital is located here, it has an emergency response unit which operates 24 hours a day - this is the place you should go to if you're injured or feel ill, and want to be diagnosed. Usually, there is a large affluence to this service, so hours spent in the waiting room tend to be long (3+ hours), but if your condition is serious enough you will cut ahead of other patients.

Aveiro’s Hospital contact: 234 378 300

Prices: 18€


Healthcare Center

If your situation is not so serious, we suggest you head to the Healthcare Center instead (SAP, close to Doce Aveiro bakery). Is more geared and staffed towards routine health checkups and blood tests than actual serious treatments. The clinic is open every day from 8h to 20h (except on Fridays, when it closes 1 hour earlier). Price: 6€ for holders of the European health insurance card.
If this one is closed, you can easily find other Clinical Centers
At the University there is a healthcare center available with plenty of free services for the student community.



Aveiro has more than 10 pharmacies, and, at any time, at least one of them will be open, we call it the “active” pharmacy. Look under “Farmácia de Serviço em Aveiro” to know which one is currently the active one. On that same web page, you can also find the contacts, addresses and GPS coordinates of every single pharmacy.


Private Hospitals

If you prefer there’s also a private hospital, Cliria, located here.
Contact: 234400700


Emergency Lines

If you're unsure as to how serious your condition may be, and whether you actually have the need of the emergency section's services or can just go to the healthcare center instead, you should call the national Healthcare Line - Linha Saúde 24, number: 808 24 24 24 - you'll speak with a nurse or a doctor who'll advice you based on your symptoms (they speak both Portuguese and English).
If you are seriously injured or sick and cannot go to the hospital by yourself, call 112 (the Portuguese emergency number) and ask for an ambulance

.For more information: Healthcare.